Radio Optimizer Audio Processing Software

RADIO OPTIMIZER is een alles-in-één tool voor omroepen en producenten. Met deze alles-in-één software verander je je computer in een dure geluidsprocessor! De weergegeven prijs is voor de L1 Basic-versie. Kies hieronder eventueel uw andere versie!
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Radio Optimizer Audio Processing Software.

RADIO OPTIMIZER is an all in one tool for broadcasters and producers. You don't have to buy an expensive sound processor, this stand alone software set your computer into a professional multiband sound processor for internet radio, am/fm and digital radio stations, television, post-production. Up to 5 programs can be processed and streamed, silence detector and rds/stereo/streamer are included. This software is a must have for every professional broadcaster.

All-in-one realtime multiband sound processing windows PC software for broadcasters and producers.
AGC, auto eq, intelligent 6/9/18 multiband processing structure, multiband expander, clipper, limiter, loudness controller (EBU R128), silence detector / failsave automatic program control, streamer, network-streaming, 24 hours program-recorder, stereo  rds encoder, signal analyser.
Best and convenient processing for: internet radio, am/fm and digital radio stations, television, post-produktion.

More than one same time processing is possible (for different stations or processing channels)!

This tool produces a warm, big and powerful sound like the expensive big processors on the market. The processor achieves its loudness through the use of a unique distortion masked final clipper (a distortion cancelled clipper). No matter if classical, lounge, rock, 80s, 90s or the big produced songs of today - everytime the signal has the same sounding at the end. Sounds like the old 6 band multiprocessor from the USA.

Usage: internet radio, AM/FM and digital radio, television, post-production.
The software can be used on the same computer like the playout software or/and the streamer (in that case "virtual audio cable" or "effect rack" is needed).
Studio and mpx output at same time is possible, for the use of mpx signals a soundcard with 192 khz is required.
This is a stand alone software.

System requirement: windows 7, 8, 10, processor >i3, 4 gb ram, works with onboard soundcard or a recommended soundcard like rme or marian for input/output with low latency.

You will receive immediately after purchase access to your license key and support. Register for free updates! No monthly costs, one-time purchase price!
You can test the software 7 days without limits, download the trial version.
The Level 1 BASIC version contains the MBL6 processor and more features.
The Level 2 PLUS version contains the MBL6 processor, Web-Streamer, RDS and more features.
The Level 3 PRO version contains the MBL6 and MBL9 Processor, Stereo Enhancer, Silence Detector, Web-Streamer, RDS and more features. 
The Level 4 MEGA version contains the MBL6 and MBL9 Processor, DMC, Stereo Enhancer, Silence Detector, Web-Streamer, RDS and more features.
The Level 5 ULTRA Version contains all availible features.

Several simultaneously processors (different instances)

   - several outputs like studio, rds/stereo mpx out, DAB
   - different sound processing ways
   - several streams

Input Selector

   - input selector
   - low pass and high pass filter
   - phase rotator


stereo enhancer (coming up in next version)

Automatic gain control

   - 2 band agc
   - smooth window
   - rms/peak leveling


   - 4 bands
   - freq, q, amp

NEW! Multiband auto equalizer

Multiband compressor

   - platform processing

Multiband processor

   - 6/9/18 bands
   - platform processing
   - multiband clipper
   - bass expander
   - look ahead limiter

NEW! Multiband Expander


   - platform limiting
   - look ahead limiter

Power limiter (EBU R 128)


   - 50us/75us
   - hf clipper
   - hf limiter

Mpx out

   - stereo mpx
   - rds / rbds encoder
   - now playing data
   - dynamic data

Program recorder

   - 24 hours recorder

silence detector

   - failsave player
   - playlist


   - shoutcast / Icecast
   - zusätzlicher Empfänger für Streams

network audio streaming

program analyzer

   - fft window

more features

   - auto start with windows
   - signal generator
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