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Audessence | Leveller PodBlaster Ongevenaarde professionele audio leveller. De podcaster is geschikt voor , radio uitzending studio's, kabel-kopstations en productie van programma's.
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Audessence PodBlaster Leveller

Unrivalled professional sound control at a breakthrough price point. Our entry-level digital audio processor desiged for podcasters, broadcast studios, cable head-ends and programme production applications can also be used for dual ('main' and 'guest') microphone level control. Analogue and digital inputs and outputs, GUI set-up via USB and no fewer than nine pre-set audio profiles Superb digital programme levelling for podcasting and streaming plus contribution studios, news, and sports applications.
Also perfect for mic processing includes high-pass and de-essing functions [requires insert point in mixer]. Two channels (Presenter and Guest) can even be processed simultaneously by one PodBlaster

Produces that smooth professional sound - without breaking the bank!
Ends listener annoyance and 'tune-out' due to sloppy levels
Allows every presenter the freedom to concentrate on the content
Improves audibility and clarity of programme Eliminates overload distortion and damage forever

Audio level 'auto-pilot' for Podcasting and Streaming
Outside Broadcasts, news booths, contribution studios and remotes
STL, digital codec, PA and Monitor overload protection
Mic processing for talks and contrib studios

  • Powerful yet unobtrusive level control.
  • Simple, easy-to-use GUI programme for setup via PC and USB - plus 9 factory presets to get you going.
  • Great audio quality. The same superb DSP module used in our professional ALPS range Stereo (linked) or Dual-Mono operation: can process two channels independently.
  • Cost-effective yet with genuine balanced analogue ports - and S/PDIF digital output AND S/PDIF digital input.
  • Desktop case half-width 1-U rack size, two can be mounted side-by-side with optional rack-mount kit.
  • Bright, Always-Visible LED bargraphs for audio confidence checks.
  • Low audio latency (2.2 - 4 milliseconds), fast boot-up (<1 second), low power (6W).
  • Analogue inputs: 22dBu maximum, -6dBu to 14dBu operating level, 10k ohms.
  • Digital S-PDIF inputs: 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz sample rate; 16, 20 or 24 bits.
  • Analogue to analogue -
  • Response: 30Hz-20kHz /-0.5dB.
  • Noise: Less than -83dB RMS, 20Hz-20kHz, referred to 8dBu limit point.
  • Distortion: Better than -74dB (0.02%)
  • THD, 6dB limiting.
  • Stereo separation: Better than -80dB at 3kHz.
  • Digital to digital -
  • Response, : 20Hz-20kHz /-0.1dB.
  • Noise: Less than -117dBFS RMS, 20Hz-20kHz.
  • Distortion: -94dB (0.002%) THD, 6dB limiting.
  • Stereo separation: -117dB at 3kHz. Audio latency: 2.2 to 4ms.
  • Analogue outputs: -6dBu to 18dBu ceiling for 10k ohms load. Low impedance.
  • Digital S-PDIF outputs: Full input-rate or half input-rate and 88.2 or 96kHz base-rate selectable. 24 bits.
  • Power source: 5V DC, 6W, from 90-264V AC power supply included, supplied without AC power cable. Dimensions: 44 x 217 x 228 (h x w x d)mm. Weight: 1kg.
  • Included accessories: Power supply. Manual on CD.
  • Optional accessories: Rack mounting kit.