De MAGIC EEC maakt het omzetten van ETI naar EDI en EDI naar ETI signalen mogelijk. Typische toepassingen zijn kopstations met DAB-modulatoren die EDI nog niet ondersteunen en moderne Ensemble Multiplexers die al een EDI-uitgangssignaal leveren.
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AVT MAGIC EEC ETI/EDI Converter - DAB apparatuur.

The MAGIC EEC allows the converting of ETI to EDI and EDI to ETI signals. Typical applications are headends with DAB modulators which do not yet support EDI and modern Ensemble Multiplexers which already provide an EDI output signal (e.g. Fraunhofer ContentServerTM). Due to the converter the contribution to the transmitter can be realised via E1 lines using the ETI format despite the EDI output of the Multiplexer. Another example are headends with Ensemble Multiplexers, which have only ETI inputs and outputs (e.g. Rohde & Schwarz DM001), but where the contribution is possible only via IP networks using the EDI protocol.


MAGIC EEC has one G.703/G.704 input and output for ETI. Additionally, two LAN interfaces are available. The functions of the LAN interfaces (configuration monitoring, SNMP and EDI input/output) can be freely programmed according the users requirements.


The system can be configured with the Windows PC Software included in delivery. Via the Windows PC Software the status of the ETI or EDI input streams as well as all system parameters are displayed in a clear and user-friendly way.

Further Features

  • Integrated Logfile 
  • SNMP v1/v2 to integrate the system in up to four network management systems 
  • Eight potential-free and programmable relay contacts 
  • Eight programmable TTL GPIO contacts 
  • Clocks: 1 PPS and 10 MHz/2,048 MHz (selectable)

Standards: ETSI ETS 300 799 (ETI)
ETSI TS 102 693 (EDI)
Network interfaces: 1 x ETI Input
1 x ETI Output
2 x LAN (EDI)
2nd ETI In-/Output
Clocks: 1 PPS
10 MHz/2,048 MHz
Control: 2 x LAN
Monitoring: Windows PC Software
SNMP v1/v2
TTL interfaces: 8 x output (progr.)
Relay contacts: 8 x potential- free (progr.)
Dimensions: 19“ x 1 U x 27cm
Power supply: 90 - 230 V AC, 15W
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