Axel Tech RDS E5 RDS Encoder

RDS E5 is een dynamische RDS-encoder die alle geavanceerde functies en services ondersteunt. RDS E5 ondersteunt de meest geavanceerde RDS-dynamische diensten, waaronder TMC, ODA, IH, TDC, EWS, Radio Text en Radio Text plus.
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Axel Technology RDS E5 RDS Encoder.

RDS E5 is an dynamic RDS encoder which support all services and features of advanced use.
RDS E5 support the most advanced RDS dynamic services, including TMC, ODA, IH, TDC, EWS, Radio Text and Radio Text plus.
RDS E5 manage up to 8 complete Data Set, each one with 1 Main PS and 10 EON. To assure the best flexibility, any Dataset can be managed via Standard Mode, using UECP commands or via Extended Mode using GPIOs, SNMP commands, REST API commands or ASCII commands.
In addition to standard CENELEC NRSC methods, RDS programming has been enriched with larger PS and RT sets (that are also available in dynamic mode).
RDS E5 can interface with various Automation Systems and they offer an ASCII protocol for broadcast song/artist information. In case of alarms, they support SNMP alerting for NMS.

Main Features

- Compatible with UECP EBU SP490 version 7.05
- Compliant with European CENELEC and USA NRSC standards
- Possibility of connection with all automated Playout System to generate PS/RT/RT /TA/M-S
- Alternation between News/Data-Songs over RT/RT /PS/PTY/PTYN

Power Supply :90-260 Vac / 47-63 Hz
Power Consuption :10W
Pilot/MPX Input :Yes
Inputs number :2
Outputs number :3
MPX/RDS Output :0 to 8191 mVpp
Signal/Noise Ratio :>85 dB
Carrier Suppression :>85 dB
GPIO Inputs/Outputs :6 GPI / 4 GPO
Communication Port :2xRS232, 3xUSB, 1xLAN
Synchronization :Ext(Pilot Mpx)/ Int/Auto
Synchronization Monitoring :Yes
RDS level adjustment :Digitally controlled
Phase adjustment :Yes, 0 ÷ 359.9°
Separate outputs for RDS MPX and for RDS only :Yes
Side Chain Mode, Loop through mode, Bypass feature :Yes
RDS Subcarrier :100% Digitally Generated Shape
Pilot synchronization :Input Level: -50dBu to 15dBu / Frequency: 19kHz, ±2Hz
CENELEC - EN50067 compliant – Yes
Accurate Clock Time (CT) Sync with Internet Connection :Yes
Remote TA actuation for Traffic Announcements :Yes
Firmware can be upgraded in the field :Yes
Front panel leds :40
Operating temperature :0°C ÷ 50°C
Group supported :All  
Group Sequence :Configurable 
PI:8 DSN x 10 PSN
PS:8 DSN x 10 PSN