Axel Tech Genius Broadcast Switcher

Axel Genius Broadcast Switcher. GENIUS is een audio omschakeling met 2 stereo ingangen en 1 stereo-uitgang. Het voldoet aan de behoeften van elk radiostation voor handmatige of automatische te kunnen schakelen in verschillende audiobronnen.
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Genius Options

Axel Technology Radio Broadcast Switcher.

GENIUS is an audio changeover with 2 stereo inputs and 1 stereo output. It fulfils the needs of every radio station for manual or automatic/emergency switching between different audio sources. Up to 3 internal relays can be associated to the 'blank' audio detection and to A/B Input switching for further alarm signalling, external signal routing, CD players start, etc.

Besides being driven by its built-in audio detector stage, GENIUS switching circuit can be also controlled from external devices, becoming i.e. a simple 'slave' audio switcher driven by a radio automation software, and thus be used for switching between the main program and a local advertising when 'adv break time' is on, to connect/disconnect remote audio sources, etc.

In manual mode, GENIUS front panel knob allows immediate selection of either A or B source. Its ideal application is switching between studio feeds and Master control room outputs, in order to select a different audio path i.e. for maintenance reasons.

(available on GENIUS-ALM version only, replaces the INPUt B)
- Media: SD Card with up to 2 Giga capacity
- Played files: MPEG 1 & 2 audio layer 3 (ISO 11172-3) (also known as MP3), WAV and PCM files. MP3 with variable and fixed bit rate
- Play mode: Sequential mode
GENERAL FEATURES .- Dimensions: 1 Rack Unit (484 x 351 x 44 mm) .
- Consumption: 10 VA.
EXTERNAL POWERING 48 Volt.- Voltage: 48 Volt.- Absorption: 200 mA.
CROSS-TALK (@10 KHz).- In A Left to Out R: - 80 dB.-
In A Right to Out L: - 82 dB .- In B Left to Out R: - 81 dB .- In B Right to Out L: - 80 dB.
NOISE (measured on the output, DIN NOISE AVERAGE) .- With Input A sel.: - 92 dBm .- With Input B sel.: - 90 dBm.
AUDIO DETECTING STAGE .- Threshold: Adjustable, - 25 dB ÷ 6 dB .- Detection delay: From a few seconds to many minutes.
REMOTE CONTROL INTERFACE .- Connector type: DB 25 p female .- Devices: 3 relays, 5 photocouplers.- Controls: Mix mode, Reset, .- Signallings: Manual mode, B-left selected. Bright selected. .- Relays: Associated to Audio Detector, BRight selected, B-Left selected.