Brand: Inovonics

For over 40 years Inovonics has maintained its position as a market leader and international provider of user friendly, cost effective and innovative broadcast products. We build radio broadcast equipment that meets your needs, exceeds your expectations and doesn't get in your way. 

Founded in 1972 by Jim Wood and Mark Drake, Inovonics is best known for producing high quality broadcast audio processors, RDS/RBDS encoders, and AM/FM modulation monitors. In the early 1970's our first product was a solid-state recording electronics package for the Ampex 350-series tape recorders, then the workhorses of the recording and broadcast industry. Inovonics' first broadcast audio processing product-the 220 "Audio Level Optimizer"-was introduced a short time later, followed by numerous single and multiband processors, stereo generators, and AM and FM modulation monitors that quickly became the staple of our business. In the mid 1990s Inovonics was one of the first US manufacturers to develop RDS/RBDS encoders and remains one of the few broadcast firms to a offer a full product line designed and built entirely in the US. 

Inovonics 679 INOmini FM/RDS Monitor Receiver
€ 855,00
Inovonics 631 Rebroadcast FM Receiver
€ 1.690,00
Inovonics 223 Multimode Audio Processor
€ 899,00
Inovonics 568 SOFIA FM/HD Radio™ SiteStreamer ™
€ 2.160,00
Inovonics 673 INOmini FM/RDS Monitor Receiver
On request
Inovonics 655 FM-HD Aaron Rebroadcast Receiver
€ 2.339,00
Inovonics 674 INOmini AM Broadcast Monitor Receiver
€ 799,00
Inovonics 719 DAVID-IV | FM - HD Audio Processor
€ 2.835,00
IInovonics DAVID III Model 718 I FM Broadcast Processor
On request
Inovonics 272 NOVIA FM Stereo Processor
€ 1.980,00
Inovonics 732 - Advanced Dynamic RDS Encoder
€ 2.099,00
Inovonics 262 NOVIA Dual-Mode Stereo Audio Processor
€ 1.440,00
Inovonics 637 INOmini AM SiteStreamer™
€ 825,00
Inovonics 610 Internet Radio Monitor
€ 1.080,00
Inovonics INOmini 633 FM/RDS Monitor Receiver
On request
Inovonics 514 INOmini FM Multiplex Decoder
€ 625,00
Inovonics 236 NOVIA AM Audio Processor
€ 1.890,00
Inovonics 640 AARON Rebroadcast receiver
€ 1.890,00
Inovonics 650 Aaron Rebroadcast Receiver
€ 2.149,00
Inovonics 635 :: INOmini FM - RDS SiteStreamer
€ 850,00
Inovonics 525N AM Modulation Analyzer
€ 2.575,00
Inovonics INOmini 638 HD SiteStreamer / Web-Enabled
€ 925,00
Inovonics 662 INOmini DAB/DAB SiteStreamer
€ 925,00
Inovonics 531N FM Modulation Monitor
€ 2.995,00