Audessence PRO 1 | AM Digitale Audio Processor

AM Audio Processors
Audessence AM PRO-1 is een volledig AM processor voor AM radio zenders. Betaalbaar en goede kwaliteit AM processor.
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Audessence AM PRO-1 AM Digital Audio Processor

The Audessence AM PRO-1 is a complete air-chain audio processing system for AM radio stations. Adjustable input pre-filtering (lowpass and high-pass) pre-conditions audio to prepare for aggressive 'brick-wall' low-pass filtering later and avoids wasting modulation percentage on inaudible sub-bass components Unsurpassed Audessence AGC developed for the professional Audessence levellers keeps programme level as consistent as desired Programme compression, limiting, pre-emphasis and clipping for optimum loudness and coverage increase All this plus enhancement features for brightening and clarifying your programme.Adjustable Low-Pass filtering meets all international and national broadcasting specifications including ITU and NRSC (4kHz to 15kHz nominal).

  • Complete digital air-chain processing for AM radio broadcasters in a compact package
  • Adjustable input High-pass filter 3Hz to 200Hz
  • Phase rotator to reduce programme asymmetry
  • Advanced AGC as used in our ALPS levellers offers unsurpassed rapid control of levels
  • Independent programme compression stage
  • Presence enhancer to brighten programme and cut through noise
  • Choice of pre-emphasis to meet national requirements including NRSC
  • Adjustable low-pass filter for all applications
  • Fco 4.5kHz to 10kHz
  • Sophisticated peak control dramatically increases loudness without digital grunge
  • Positive peak asymmetry up to 145% (where legal)
  • Factory presets deliver exactly the results you need for any application ￿fast
  • No-tamper front panel (set-up by PC only: GUI software, USB and RS-232 ports provided)
  • Bright, Always-Visible LED bargraphs for audio confidence checks
  • Low audio latency (4 milliseconds)
  • Fast boot-up (<1 second).