Pro FM Broadcast - 23 years!

Celebrating 23 Years with New Website

Celebrating 23 Years of PRO FM Broadcast with the Launch of Our New Website PRO FM Broadcast proudly celebrates its 23rd anniversary, marking nearly a quarter-century of bringing exceptional broadcast products. Since our inception, we have remained committed to delivering high-quality, engaging content, evolving with the times to meet the dynamic needs of our buyers.…


AVT VoIP Phone Hybrids for NPO Radio 1

AVT VoIP Phone Hybrids for National Broadcaster NPO Radio 1 After a long preparation, NPO Radio recently started using their custom-made AVT VoIP Hybrids to replace the old ISDN lines. The installation includes 3 AVT THipPro VoIP telephone hybrids with a total of 40 VoIP telephone lines and a number of AVT Magic ACip3 Audio…

Pro FM Broadcast - new studio's for RPL FM Worrden

New Studios For RPL FM Woerden

New Studios For RPL FM Woerden Mayor Victor Molkenboer officially opened the studios of RPL Woerden on February 23, 2019. He performed the opening act by inserting a plug into an electrical socket. About a hundred interested parties attended the opening. The studios have been under construction since October. The building was renovated and all…