Comrex has designed and manufactured broadcast equipment since its incorporation in 1961. Our product line has consistently applied the best in current technology to the specific needs of broadcasters. From the time of our founder John Cheney's first products in the early 1960s, Comrex has had a long tradition of providing a very down-to-earth answer to a universal broadcast need - bringing high quality audio into the studio from virtually anywhere, economically, at a moment's notice.

Comrex VH2 VoIP Telefoon Hybride / Vork
€ 1.775,00
Comrex Opal IP Audio Gateway
€ 1.885,00
Comrex BRIC-Link III Stereo BRIC IP Codec
€ 2.099,00
Comrex Access NX Portable - IP Audio Codec
€ 4.539,00
Comrex ACCESS Multirack Ip Codec
€ 5.757,00
Comrex ACCESS NX Rack Ip Codec
€ 3.543,00