Audessence RDS Encoder PRO-4

RDS Encoders
Audessence RDS Encoder Pro 4. RDS / RBDS encoder met LCD-scherm en IP-Control. Moe van de problemen op de bestaande low-cost RDS-encoders koop deze eenvoudige RDS encoder!
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DTMF Option

Audessence RDS PRO-4 RDS Encoder with LCD display and IP

A fully featured, reliable RDS / RBDS encoder with LCD display and IP Control. Tired of problems on existing low-cost RDS encoders ... Difficult-to-use, unreliable software, unacceptable interference to stereo audio or missing RDS features like EON? Need advanced control features to save the cost of dedicated data and control circuits? You can solve all these problems and save money at the same time with the RDS PRO-4!
￿ VERY cost effective
￿ Making life easier for broadcast professionals: quick and easy
hardware integration
￿ Save time with intuitive, well-developed programming software
￿ Don￿t miss out: feature set includes every RDS function most
stations will need
￿ LCD enables quick onsite validation of transmitted
data without using a PC
*Switchable MPX (Composite) loop-through mode
*Maintains programme reliability in loop mode ￿ automatic MPX ￿pass-through￿ relays
*RS-232 & USB control based on simple ASCII commands
*Optional traffic flag (TA) control via DTMF (In-Band Signalling)
*Powerful Windows based configuration utility for easy initial setup
*All user adjustments accessible from front/rear panel - no need to take the lid off
*Addressing - independent or common control of up to 255 units in a network
*Advanced weekly scheduling *Define up to 99 different messages or link to an automation system Internal real-time clock with battery backup for correctly inserted clock-time facility
*External contact closure TA switch
*No special 19 kHz input needed - pilot tone recovered from the MPX signal
* LCD Display
* IP Controlable
RDS Data Groups Supported:
PI - Programme Identification
PS - Programme Service
PTY - Programme Type
PTYN - Programme Type Name
AF - Alternative Frequencies
TP - Travel Programme
TA - Travel Announcement
EON - Enhanced Other Networks
DI - Decoder Identification
M/S - Music / Speech
PIN - Programme Identification Number
ECC - Extended Country Code
RT - Radio Text
TDC - Transparent Data Channel
IH - In House Application
ODA - Open Data Application
CT - Clock Time and Date
RDS / RBDS encoding for stations of all sizes (includes EON) Network Radio Local Commercial Radio Community Radio Temporary Services (RSLs)