Deva SmartGen 5.0 RDS/RBDS Encoder

Deva Broadcast SmartGen 5.0 UECP Compatibel RDS Encoder met LAN USB en RS232. De SmartGen 5 encoder heeft alle functies die u ooit zou nodig hebt op een RDS-encoder voor een fantastische prijs. SmartGen 5 ondersteunt alle RDS-toepassingen in overeenstemming met de Europese CENELEC / NRSC normen en is volledig compatibel met UECP EBU SPB490 Version 7.05.
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Deva Broadcast SmartGen 5.0 UECP Compatibel RDS Encoder met LAN USB en RS232.

The SmartGen 5 encoder has all the features you would ever need from an RDS encoder at a fantastic price.
SmartGen 5 supports all RDS Applications inconformity with European CENELEC and United States NRSC standards
and is fully compatible with UECP EBU SPB490 Version 7.05 The interactive function RT for song tagging is fully
supported without a compromise.

The SmartGen 5 can 'parse' scrolling text, automatically breaking phrases into word groups.
Based on the latest RDS technology, the SmartGen 5 is fully digital design for 24/7/365 operation.
The SmartGen 5 is cost effective solution for sending TMC and EWS Services.
The front-panel LCD displays setup parameters without the need for an on-site computer, and also shows incoming raw data from
station automation as well as exactly what the listener sees on his radio. Supplied with free of charge, dedicated programming software

SmartGen RDS/RBDS Encoders Manager this encoder programming is simple and foolproof like never before.
SmartGen 5 comes along with Embedded WEB Server for remote and easy programming and supervision.
SmartGen 5 gives dynamic programming access with its built-in RS232, USB, TCP/IP, UDP/IP interfaces.
This connectivity permits full integration of RDS/RBDS transmissions with the stations other networked
functions like message streams for Webcasting or Digital Radio.
The SmartGen 5 encoder provides a full loopthrough interface for connection to your existing broadcast chain.

PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE: Based on our more than 10 years experience in the RDS field, we developed the SmartGen
RDS/RBDS Encoders Manager as dedicated software for full management of our high end RDS Encoders range in regards
with the latest updates of the UECP EBU SPB490 Version 7.05
t supports a wide range of interfaces as RS-232, USB and LAN. The SmartGen Manager has Basic RDS and Advanced RDS
programming interfaces. Using its Basic Mode, all main RDS parameters can be easily programmed into the non-volatile memory
of the RDS Encoder. The interactive simulator shows the outgoing scrolling messages exactly as they are seen by listeners.
The SmartGen RDS/RBDS Encoders Manager has all the functionality required to drive any parameter by the latest version of the
UECP EBU SPB490 Version 7.05. Its visual and self guided user interface makes the UECP advanced programming of the
SmartGen Encoders easy and friendly.

UECP Compatible, Enhanced RDS/RBDS Encoder
  • Supports European CENELEC and United States NRSC standards
  • Attractive price and very good price-performance ratio
  • Supports RT for songs and content tagging
  • PS & Radio Text Scrolling Options
  • Supports TMC (Traffic Message Channel)
  • Compatible with EWS (Emergency Warning System)
  • Embedded WEB server for interactive supervision
  • Fully Digital Synthesis of RDS signal
  • Fully compatible with UECP EBU SPB490 Version 7.05
  • MPX Loopthrough & Sidechain Modes
  • Internal or external Pilot / MPX synchronisation
  • Front panel LCD Display and Buttons for operating without a computer
  • Displays outgoing scrolling messages exactly as seen by listener
  • Very Intuitive UECP Configuration Software
  • Remote RDS viewer to visualize broadcasted data
  • Proved and reliable hardware for 24/7/365 operating
  • Easy Installation and Setup
  • LAN, USB & RS-232 Interfaces
  • Remote configuration via ASCII or UECP through RS232, LAN, USB
  • Interfaces with all popular radio automation systems
  • Built-in dedicated 19kHz source for internal sync
  • Built-in failsafe bypass relay
  • Tally port for Traffic Announcement switching
  • Includes the TA function for traffic message priority override
  • 4 General Purpose Outputs
  • Works with any FM exciter and stereo generator
  • SNTP for automatic synchronization of the built-in clock
  • Internal data diagnostics and transmission safeguards
  • Real time clock Schedules for Scrolling Text and text lists
  • 19" Professional Case for high RF immunity
Technical Specifications
Power SupplyInternal, 115V or 230V
Pilot/MPX InputYes
MPX/RDS Output0 to 4095 mV
Inputs/Outputs4 GPO, TA Input
Communication PortRS232, USB, LAN
SynchronizationExternal (Pilot or MPX) / Internal / Auto
Synchronization MonitoringYes
RDS Level adjustmentDigitally controlled
Phase adjustmentYes, 0 ÷ 359.9°
Separate outputs for RDS MPX and for RDS onlyNo
Command to activate the RDS SCAYes
Side Chain Mode, Loop through mode, Bypass featureYes
RDS Subcarrier100% Digitally Generated Shape / Bypass: 0 dB
Pilot synchronizationInput Level: -50dBu to 12dBu / Frequency: 19kHz, ±3Hz
EN50067 compliantYes
Accurate Clock Time (CT) Sync with Internet ConnectionYes
Remote TA actuation for Traffic AnnouncementsYes
GPS module for automatic synchronization of the built-in clockNo
Fully independent RDS decoder for self-monitoring purposesNo
Firmware can be upgraded in the fieldYes
Front-panel LCD displays all programmed dataYes
Data may be entered on-site with Front-panel ButtonsYes
Operating Temperature0°C ÷ 55°C
RDS Features
Group supportedAll
Group SequenceConfigurable
AF Method A25
AF Method Bup to 100
RTYes, 10 messages
RT rate adjustmentGroup Sequence
RT for songs and content taggingYes
TA ControlCommand, Contact closure, Software
Free Format Groups (FFG)Yes
Open Data Application (ODA)Yes
64-character Dynamic PS shown on all RDS/RBDS RadiosYes
Auto "parses" long messages for best text displayYes
Scrolling by characterfrom 1 up to 8
Scrolling by word, Auto centering, Truncate long wordsYes
Communication InterfacesRS232, USB, LAN
Connection with Automation SoftwareYes
Network Connectivity2 TCP ports; 2 UDP ports
ConfigurationEmbeded Web Server, SmartGen Manager
Password ProtectionYes
ASCII ProtocolYes
Alert notifications on user-defined events via SNMP traps or E-mailsNo
Embedded SNMP agent permitting active management tasksNo
Custom HTML formatted E-mail templates with dynamic variablesNo
Supported Network Protocols:HTTP, SNTP, UDP, TCP, UPnP
UECP ProtocolFully compliant with EBU SPB490 Ver.7.05
PI <=> CALL CalculatorYes
Remote DisplayYes
Supplied with Intuitive SoftwareYes
Comes with 2-years Limited WarrantyYes
Size and Weight
Dimensions (W;H;D)485 x 44 x 180 mm
Shipping Weight540 x 115 x 300 mm / 2.5kg