Audessence ALPS-1 | Digital Broadcast Audio Leveller

Sound Processing
Audessence ALPS-1 Leveller. is een veelzijdige audio leveller .Ideaal voor radio studio's, codec bescherming, satelliet.etc Inzetbaar overal waar een constant audio niveau belangrijk is.
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Audessence ALPS-1 Audio Leveller

A tamper-proof solution designed to solve audio level problems - completely! Digital, cost-effective and flexible, ALPS-1 provides control of perceived audio loudness (volume), dynamic range and peak level (modulation). This broadcast audio processor is suitable for all situations where some combination of these three must be powerfully yet unobtrusively controlled. A truly versatile audio leveller / leveler, ideal for radio studios, codec protection, satellite feeds, transmitter protection and remote broadcast site operations. Perceived loudness, dynamic range and peak levelsuitable for all situations where some combination of these three must be powerfully yet unobtrusively controlled.

Brings consistency to all programme streams without erasing musical dynamics
Ends listener annoyance from over-loud segments such as commercials and shouting DJs.
Improves audibility and clarity of programme
Eliminates overload distortion and damage forever.
Eliminates the inconvenience of unauthorised tampering with front-panel controls.
Maintains programme path reliability - fail- safe mode.

Sound level control for Radio and Television Normalise levels of news booths and unattended studios, ingest points, etc.
Overload protection for STLs, digital codecs, PA and monitors
FM broadcast: Networks, Relay from satellite, Community Radio & RSLs.
Professional-level audio streaming, archiving and podcasting.

  • Minimal feature setvery cost-effective yet fully professional.
  • Excellent quality - 96kHz and 88.2kHz native modes avoid unnecessary ASRCs. Complete programme reliability - 'pass- through' relays for analogue and digital paths.
  • Factory presets deliver exactly the results you need for any application
  • No-tamper front panel (set-up by PC only). Bright, Always-Visible LED bargraphs for audio confidence checks.
  • Low audio latency (2.2 - 4 milliseconds), fast boot-up (<1 second).
  • Stereo or Dual-Mono modes.
Audessence ALPS-1

Frequency Response:
DIGITAL-DIGITAL: 20Hz-20kHz /-0.1dB
DIGITAL-DIGITAL (rms 20Hz-20kHz): <-117dBFS
ANALOGUE-ANALOGUE: (rms 20Hz-20kHz): <-83dB ref: Limit point 8dBu

DIGITAL-DIGITAL (6dB limiting): <-100dB / 0.001% THD
ANALOGUE-ANALOGUE (6dB limiting): <-80dB / 0.01% THD

Stereo Separation (L/R crosstalk):
DIGITAL-DIGITAL (at 3kHz): <-117dB

ANALOGUE: Balanced, 10k (bridging), ¼” Jack [TRS]. Standard operating level -6dBu to 14dBu ( 22dBu clip point)
DIGITAL: S-PDIF (RCA/Phono); 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz sample rate. 16, 20, or 24 bits.

ANALOGUE: Active true balanced, standard operating level -6dBu to 18dBu
DIGITAL: AES-3 (XLR); full input rate / half rate.

ALPS-1 Brochure