In the field of digital audio electronics, Marian is now successfully developing professional solutions for more than 10 years.
Our product range includes hard- and software for applications for harddisk-recording, mastering, broadcast multimedia and measurement techniques, as well as special constructions on demand (OEM Solutions).

Marian Trace D4 Breakout Box
€ 149,00
Marian Seraph AD8 16 MWX
Op aanvraag
Marian Seraph D4 AES/EBU
€ 499,00
Marian Seraph D8 Digitale geluidskaart
€ 835,00
Marian Seraph 8 Geluidskaart
€ 475,00
Marian Seraph AD2 Geluidskaart
€ 554,00