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RFS is a worldwide provider of innovative total package solutions for wireless infrastructures
It's goal is the design, manufacture and deployment worldwide of RF technology, systems and services. We are committed to meeting the highest quality standards for products and systems by applying advanced technologies in our manufacturing processes, project engineering and installation. We seek to be the preferred global supplier in wireless communications by serving our clients with superior customer service, state-of-the-art engineering capabilities, and innovative product solutions.

RFS Cellflex LCF12-50 Foam Coax kabel
€ 4,10
RFS Cellflex LCF78-50 Foam Coax kabel
€ 8,40
RFS Cellflex LCF158-50 Foam Coax kabel
€ 20,80
RFS Cellflex LCF12-50 N Male voor 1/2 Rapid Fit
€ 15,50
RFS Cellflex LCF12-50 7/16-Male connector for 1/2',Rapid Fit
€ 16,50
RFS Cellflex LCF12-50 N/M Right Angle connector Rapid Fit voor LCF12-50
€ 34,00
RFS Cellflex LCF12-50 N FeMale voor RFS 12-50 1/2',Rapid Fit
€ 16,48
RFS Cellflex LCF12-50 7/8' EIA for LCF12-50
€ 74,95
RFS Cellflex LCF78-50 Rapid Fit N/Female LCF78-50
€ 22,00
RFS Cellflex LCF78-50 Rapid Fit N-Male LCF78-50
€ 21,45
RFS Cellflex LCF78-50 Rapid Fit Din/M (7/16) LCF78-50
€ 17,50
RFS Cellflex LCF78-50 7/8' EIA voor LCF78-50
€ 74,50
RFS Cellflex LCF158-50 Rapid Fit 7/16 DIN Female LCF158-50
€ 94,80
RFS Cellflex LCF158-50 Rapid Fit 7/16 DIN Male LCF158-50
€ 94,50
RFS Cellflex LCF158-50 1-5/8 EIA Flange Couple Kit
€ 36,50
RFS Cellflex LCF78-50 7/8 - EIA Flange Couple Kit
€ 22,00
RFS Cellflex LCF158-50 Rapid Fit 7/8 - EIA Flange LC158-50
€ 275,00