SielCo 10KW FM Transmitter set

Sielco TX 1000GT 1000 watts is a combined radio broadcasting FM transmitter. Easy to use, very reliable. It includes extra security for power failure, low power consumption and LCD screen.
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Stereo Encoder Board

RDS encoder Board

Telemetry WAN/LAN Option

Sielco TX10000 10KW FM Transmitter composed of EXC 30GT RFB 5000GT RFB 5000GT .

TX10000GT model is the 10000W The TX 10000GT is low power consumption, very easy to configure thanks to its intuitive human interface which is equipped with an elegant graphic LCD display, a multifunctional jog control and just a few other control buttons. The high flexibility of this combined transmitter can be further enhanced by the use of important options such as: telemetry/remote control systems, Ethernet connection with SNMP protocol, high quality stereo encoder, digital audio card in accordance with AES/EBU directive and RS232/ 485 serial port to allow easier integration with other instruments. The modern and attractive design of our GT transmitters reflects the state-of-the-art technology of this reliable, low-maintenance model that saves you time and money. Please note that the amplifier marked by the code RFB requires an exciter such as our EXC30GT as a driver. The three devices linked together form the so-called combined transmitters, which are characterized by the prefix code


Professional performance, reliability and easy maintenance.
High gain amplifier with very low power consumption
Fully microprocessor controlled, menu digital interface for diagnosis and monitoring of all parameters displayed on the LCD screen.
APC (automatic power control) and flip-back protection, safe and reliable operation in any environmental condition.
Manufactured using the latest technologies for safe operation and easy maintenance.
Works perfectly with all Sielco telemetry systems.