Rent FM Transmitter for Events

Need a temporary FM transmitter for drive-in cinema / concert / church service?

And you want perfect sound at your drive-in event? 
Then rent an approved professional fm transmitter for your Drive-in event? 
This set is CE approved and meets all legal requirements. 
What is included in the rented set?
FM transmitter, antenna, possibly RDS Encoder and Audio processor.
An FM audio processor ensures an equal audio level so that people in the car do not always have to turn their sound up or down, and also ensures that you do not overdrive the transmitter (then the sound is heavily distorted and you cause interference on neighboring frequencies) .
RDS encoder ensures that the name of the event and other information appears on the screen of the radios. Do you want everything set up properly? Then it is also possible to have the set installed by us at an additional cost.
We only rent in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Rent FM transmitter for drive in event
On request