Studio Clocks

Software and hardware Studio Clocks.
Time is always very important in a studio, there are several solutions for this. You can opt for a software-based solution for the Radio Studio on air clock or studio clock that you can hang in the studio. Software studio clocks from D&R and Axel Technology. In the radio and TV industry, time is at the basis of every activity, from daily programming and studio production to implementation in the ether. Radio and TV technicians, reporters, speakers, host and guests need a striking representation of time and date information. Axel Technology offers an innovative time / clock display solution at the headquarters of radio / TV or in a broadcast facility. ON AIR CLOCK software is displayed on standard PC Current time monitor, in six digits HH: MM: SS with circular seconds. Clocks are something you always look at. ON AIR CLOCK also displays customized messages such as 'ON AIR', 'INCOMING TELEPHONE CALL', 'APPLAUSE', 'SILENCE' and offers an additional means of communication in addition to the traditional headphone intercom and studio talk-back. D&R Air meter Audio interface / meter application 3x pcs. in / out USB to PC. The AirMeter is a professional audio interface / meter application for use in (radio) studios, which can easily be added to mixing tables without an extensive meter bridge. For example, a D&R Airmate (or other brand mixing table) can also have the same monitoring functionality as the D&R Airence, Airlab and Axum mixing tables The AirMeter is connected to a PC via USB and shows the LED-VU meters of the inputs and outputs on the screen. In the center of the screen is a large clock with clear seconds, which is essential for accurate presentation work.
Axel Tech On Air Clock Software
€ 699,00
Studio LED Clock
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AEV Studio Watch Timer / Clock
€ 599,00
D&R Airmeter Audio interface / Clock
€ 495,00