Audio Levellers

ProFM Broadcast - Audio Levelers - Audio ProcessorsAlso known as a Leveling Amplifier or Automatic Gain Control (AGC), is a device used in audio processing.
It automatically adjust the amplitude (volume) of an audio signal to maintain a consistent output level.

Audio Levellers are commonly used in broadcasting, recording studios, live sound reinforcement, and telecommunications.

Here’s where they are typically used:

  1. Broadcasting: In radio and television broadcasting, Automatic Gain Control is used to ensure that the audio signal remains at a consistent level throughout the program. This helps prevent sudden volume changes between different segments, commercials, or songs.
  2. Recording Studios: Audio Levelers are employed in recording studios to manage the dynamic range of audio recordings. They help maintain a consistent level of sound, particularly when recording vocals or musical instruments, ensuring a more uniform sound quality.
  3. Live Sound Reinforcement: In live sound settings such as concerts, conferences, and events, Audio Levellers are used to control the volume of microphones and audio sources. This ensures that the sound remains balanced and consistent regardless of changes in performer dynamics or microphone distance.
  4. Telecommunications: Audio Levellers are utilized in telecommunications systems to regulate the volume of voice signals transmitted over phone lines or internet connections. This helps maintain clear communication and prevents fluctuations in volume during phone calls or video conferences.

Overall, Audio Levelers are essential tools in audio processing, providing a reliable means of maintaining consistent volume levels and improving the overall quality of sound reproduction in various applications.

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