DAB+ Equipment

ProFM Broadcast - DAB+ Various EquipmentIn this catogorie you will find other equipment beside the RF part of a DAB installation. For Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), you’ll also need the following equipment:

DAB Encoder: This converts audio content into a digital format suitable for broadcasting over DAB. It typically compresses the audio using codecs like MPEG-1 Audio Layer II or MPEG-4 HE-AAC.

Transmission Multiplexer: This combines multiple audio streams, data services, and other content into a single bitstream for transmission.

Modulator: This converts the digital signal into a format suitable for transmission over the airwaves. For DAB, this typically involves modulating the signal onto a carrier frequency.

Transmission Antenna: This is used to transmit the DAB signal over the air. The antenna’s design and placement are crucial for optimal coverage.

Transmitter: This amplifies the modulated signal to the necessary power levels for transmission.

Setting up a DAB broadcast station requires careful planning, investment in equipment, and compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, considerations for coverage, audio quality, and audience reach are essential for a successful DAB broadcast operation

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