AM Monitoring

Once your station is on the air, it naturally wants to keep an eye on it. With our equipment you can monitor and measure the various parameters of your transmission installation Of course you can also keep an eye on what the compitition is doing.

This way you quickly notice if something goes wrong with the signal or that another malfunction occurs. This makes an AM monitoring indispensable for every Radio Station!

Why keeping an eye on your Signal?

  1. Quality Control: Broadcasters may monitor their AM transmissions to ensure that the signal meets regulatory standards and maintains consistent quality for listeners.
  2. Frequency Management: Regulatory authorities and broadcasters use AM monitoring to manage frequency allocations and prevent interference between different stations.
  3. Troubleshooting: Monitoring can help identify and diagnose problems with AM transmission equipment or antennas, allowing for prompt repairs and maintenance.
  4. Audience Research: Monitoring signals can provide insights into audience reach and listening patterns, helping broadcasters tailor their programming to better serve their audience.

Overall, monitoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability, quality, and efficiency of AM radio broadcasting. Therefore, take a look at the different models in this section.

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