ProFM Broadcast celebrates 22 years of existence 03-07

Although the last few years have not been easy, we have welcomed many new customers. Pro FM Broadcast is now the permanent address for: Service to the transmitter park. Thinking about solutions for and in the radio studio. Or do you have another problem? We are happy to think along with you!

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New Studio for RTW FM community radio 05-06

As a former employee I was allowed to build a new studio at a completely new location

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Pro FM Broadcast 20 Years 08-07

Now, 20 years later, we are blessed with thousands of satisfied customers around the world. We have been able to do many beautiful projects.
We want to thank you for your support over the years!
Some years were a real challenge…
We hope that we can be Your Partner In Professional Broadcasting for the next 20 years!
Small selection of our work.Pro FM Broadcast 20 Years

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AVT VoIP Telephone Hybrids for Dutch NPO Radio 1 08-10

After a long preparation, Dutch national broadcaster NPO Radio 1 recently started using their tailor-made AVT VoIP Hybrids to replace the old ISDN lines.

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Audio sound at your Drive-in Event. 30-04

You want to play the audio sound on the car radio from a Drive-in event,  cinema, concert, church service, wedding, meeting, and theater?

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A test with the BW Broadcast TX30 AES192 FM Transmitter 27-03

Today we made a test setup for BW Broadcast 30 watt TX 30 with AES192 and an Omnia 11.

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Tropical heat and professional broadcast equipment 24-06

Maintenance service is certainly not superfluous for the professional audio broadcast equipment.

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New studios for RPL FM Woerden 01-03

Studios RPL Woerden officially opened

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Pro FM Broadcast 16th Anniversary 30-06

This was the start signal of the DAB broadcasts on channel 9C.

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Nieuwe Zendlocatie voor RTW FM 25-03

Thuisklus op goede vrijdag voor plaatselijke Lokale Omroep

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Windlicht FM On-Air 11-03

Pro FM Broadcast brings radio signal to artwork in the air.

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Verhuizing Studio - Zender Rick FM 22-12

Pro FM Broadcast helpt lokale omroep Uithoorn naar nieuwe locatie.

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Nieuwe STL verbinding voor Omroep Delft 29-10

Alweer een Star-Stat1800 Vergunningsvije STL verbinding geinstalleerd. Ditmaal voor Omroep Delft

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Extrema Outdoor 2010, we were there again! 26-07

Extrema Outdoor Festival 2010. Pro FM Broadcast was there.

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Evenementen zenders on air 29-04

Temporary events in the air with a rental fm channel.

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Drive In movie 25-09

Sound at Drive Inn Movie.

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