Sielco    SielcO equipment at Pro FM Broadcast

Sielco designs and produces FM radio transmitters for professional broadcasting.
Their in-house laboratory develops standard and customised solutions to meet all needs.

Whether digital or analogue, each product is designed to ensure reliability, long service life and a high standard of safety. Sielco transmitters are distributed throughout the world and serve many Radio stations in Europe, South America, Africa, Oceania and China.

The company’s history in the field of radio broadcasting began in 1980, when the company was known as Siel, and continues today, as part of the Meg Italia group. Over the several decades, Sielco has developed extensive and customised broadcasting solutions, in order to meet the needs of broadcasters worldwide

It’s strength is the continuous assistance it offers to it’s customers, who can count on pre-sales advice and on post-sale update operations and optimisation, so as to always be able to transmit in total safety and with optimal performance, reducing consumption to a minimum. Sielco solutions are constantly evolving to guarantee compliance with all current regulations.

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